Overlooked is a unique take on the ‘which hand?’ plot. You can leave your expensive gadgets at home, and there is no need for any hard to remember logic puzzles.

Everything is simple to do and you can perform this anytime, anywhere. Not only will you know which hand an object is in four times in a row, you can predict the entire outcome from the start. Along the journey you will also reveal a piece of information kept secret by your spectator.

“Perfectly created routine. Obviously audience tested and structured so as to never become confusing. No need for tricky questions where an audience member could make a mistake. This is something people will use.” – Ed Wood

“A delightful approach to the which hand plot, explained with total clarity and meticulous attention to those details of presentation which make all the difference.” – Mike Hopley 

“If Theo Annemann we’re still around, this is something he would have wanted to put into The Jinx.” – Wravyn

“Arthur’s Which Hand routine has elegant simplicity and a boldness of method that is as much a joy to perform as it is astounding to a participant. I love it. Multiple layers of mystery structured from one ruse is my kind of mentalism. Likely it is yours as well. I look forward to seeing what else Arthur has in store for us.”  – Sean Waters

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